San Bernardino County Flood Control District

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Flood/ErosionSan Bernardino County Fire/Flood Information Line909-355-8800
Road ConditionsCaltrans909-383-4631
National Forest InformationSan Bernardino National Forest909-382-2600
Tree RemovalCalifornia Department of Forestry and Fire Protection909-881-6900
Tree RemovalSan Bernardino County Hazardous Tree Abatement909-336-7080

To report a fire, the public should call 911.

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The San Bernardino County Flood Control District was created by the California Legislature under the San Bernardino County Flood Control District Act, Chapter 73, Statutes of 1939, adopted and effective April 20, 1939.

The District was formed as an urgency and progressive measure for the preservation and promotion of public peace, health, and safety as a direct aftermath of the disastrous March 1938 floods, which took many lives and caused millions of dollars in property damage.

Through the years, the District has been primarily concerned with control of flood waters in major watercourses and channels under the jurisdiction of the District. Due to the vastness of our County, it has been impossible for us to provide assistance to individual property owners County-wide